Tribu Expérientiel creates events that inspire people and position clients as leaders in their respective industries.


Its producing their own major events such as JACKALOPE and BARBEGAZI event productions that bring together thousands of spectators and 500 athletes annually. With its innovative and eye-catching concepts, and with scenarios involving the athlete as well as the spectator into the heart of the experience. Its is also offering services of branded content and brand experience to the sponsors of its events and on corporate client's behalf.

RALLY, INSPIRE & SHARE to make people evolve through strong experiences!

Tribu Expérientiel managed to gather milléniaux to each of its popular events, creating a community and a sense of belonging to the lifestyle attached to it. Its success is due to the work of his qualified team, its rich network of partners and the commitment of its sponsors without whom nothing would be possible. Its benefits also the support of Financial angels from the TV show Martin-Luc Archambault and Serge Beauchemin, both investors for the TV show Dans l’oeil du dragon (broadcast to which the company has greatly illustrated), Ianik Lajeunesse.