Konkrete activation

During the JACKALOPE festival, we ensure the activation of Konkrete shoes!  The festival-goers could customize a free pair of shoes at the booth and chill with our promo team. Our goals was to build brand awareness toward the skate scene in Quebec, promote the skate collection and get people to hold the shoes in there hands to feel the quality.

The results
7,000 kids recognized the implication of Konkrete in the festival
1,500 people visited the booth and interact with our agents
500 direct interactions with the products
100 pairs of custom shoes given

“Jackalope fest was such an excellent experience for Konkrete. Our team got the opportunity to hang out with fans and get them physically interactive with our products at our DIY custom shoe tent. Tribu’s experience in action sports marketing, allowed for an easy and successful turn-key project that had an excellent reaction at the event and also on all of Konkrete’s social media channels.” Konkrete