Rogers activation at Barbegazi

For the second edition of BARBEGAZIRogers mandated us to create a unique experience for festivalgoers.

Participants were invited to climb onto a snowmobile, either alone or with friends or family, and be photographed making the leap into the Rogers LTE network with the Olympic Stadium Tower in the backdrop. The resulting photo could then be shared on social networks. A charging station was also available, courtesy of Rogers, to allow festivalgoers to recharge their phone for free.

Rogers customers could cut to the front of the line and access this exclusive festival activity without waiting. In addition to the souvenir photo, each participant also received a $50 discount coupon that could be applied towards the purchase + activation of a Samsung smartphone.

Five reps were deployed throughout the site in order to hand out various promotional items and invite festivalgoers to come and make the leap into the Rogers LTE network, thus creating a friendly and positive contact with the brand.