Le Dindon du Québec Campaign 2016

Connect Le Dindon du Québec‘s brand with Millennials under a unified campaign for all the marketing efforts in Quebec. The goal of the campaign is to put the product in a situation where it stays in the mind of quebec consumer all summer long, as well as highlighting their implications in the amateurs and professional sports scene in quebec.

 Tribu Expérientiel  has been in charge of the design, creation and production of the campaign :
-Visual identity and slogan
– Web content and strategy
– Summer tour  of 15 sporting venues throughout Québec (Sampling)
– Web Serie of recipes from influential chefs (Bob Le Chef, Félipé St-Laurent and Das Food Truck)

Targeting the Millennials, the new identity appeals to lovers of a young and active lifestyle, as professional or amateur athletes. Turkey is the key to a balanced diet, helping with performances. The new slogan is the result of this creative journey, showing the new brand positioning very well :

 Champions Fuel on Turkey!

Dindon du Québec is the professional association of 136 turkey farmers from the Province of Quebec, belonging to L’Association des producteurs de volaille du Québec, which count for 800 members.  Whereas poultry is one of the most consumed meat in Québec, turkey products is enjoying an impressive growth.