Empire City Troopers 2015

Empire CITY TROOPERS, presented by FIDO and Monster Energy is an urban snowboard competition and the longest slopestyle in Canada. More than 18,000 people came to watch the second edition of the event on December 5th on St-Denis, downtown Montreal!

“Transporting that mountain spirit to the city really has a way of democratizing snowboarding. That makes Empire City Troopers much more than a competition, it’s a unique opportunity to discover and rediscover a certain type of discipline”, says Micah Desforges, President of Tribu Expérientiel, the event’s producer. “Quebec is an international platform for street snowboarding, so it’s an important venue for snowboarders from here and elsewhere to come to Montreal and do their best. This is especially significant since the event takes place in an authentic and friendly atmosphere that is great for the athletes and the public at large. It’s a great happening!”

An invitation of  Les Boutiques Empire
Presented by  Fido et Monster Energy
In collaboration with  Vans  et Mazda Canada
In association with Burton Snowboards , Oakley
Media TVA Sports , CISM 89,3 FM , MTL Blog
Hosted by Quartier latin & Quartier des spectacles, Montréal
An initiative of  Tribu Expérientiel