To satisfy the youth, Tribu Expérientiel decided to offer an event just for them. It was made possible by the Olympic Park and the Montreal 375 anniversary.

It was during the second weekend of BARBEGAZI on January 14th and 15th that was held Mini-Barbegazi. By entering the Village Mammouth at the Olympic Park between 12:00 and 16:00, festival-goers were also able to learn snowskate and fatbike, to try the “small pine tree throwing” event, as well as the obstacle course specially designed for the event!

Also, to add a little more show, a strong man demonstrated 2 times a day. Jean-François Caron, ranked 4 times the strongest man in Canada and the 6th strongest man in the world, lifted extraordinarily heavy weights for the festival-goers.

A beautiful experiential scenario that impressed both the youngest and the oldest of crowds!

An invitation Olympic park and the Society for the celebrations of Montréal’s  375e  anniversary
In association with Village Mammouth and Course extrême