Motoneige MTL Xtrem

Tribu Expérientiel is proud to have produced Motoneige MTL Xtrem, an event that is part of the Montreal 375th anniversary celebrations. It was above St-Catherine street, in the heart of downtown Montreal, that world-wide snowmobile champions took flight for the first time with breathtaking aerial acrobatics. Philips Square turned into a snowmobile trail, something that’s never been seen before !

This unique event brought together 11 of the world’s top riders. They showed off their skills on a course with two jumps designed exclusively for this occasion. The courageous riders jumped more than 10 meters high over a distance of some 25 meters ! Their daredevil-like tricks, including the famous back flips, kept a crowd of nearly 17 500 spectators in awe throughout 3 demonstrations.

Automatically, when someone speaks of snowmobile, the term Ski-Doo is no where far! To be well prepared for this extreme weekend, Espace BRP organized a private party for the Motoneige MTL Xtrem event, on the night of February 3rd. All the drivers were there !

As part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary, I had to work twice with Tribu Expérientiel over the past year to present BARBEGAZI and Freestyle Motoneige MTL Xtrem in our programming.

It was a pleasure to work with a team that listens to our needs and works hard to create unique and spectacular events. It is a devoted and serious team that has successfully carried out these two events.

Our partnership was a great success on which we keep very good memories. Their passion is palpable and it feels in every detail, from start to delivery of projects. It is a young and dynamic team so I don’t hesitate to recommend them.

Shantal Bourdelais, Executive Producer, Society of Celebrations of the 375th anniversary of Montreal.

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