For Empire City Troopers event on St-Denis Street, Rogers mandated us to create a unique experience for festivalgoers.

The participants at the Empire City Troopers event were invited to taste taffy on the snow to make sure they have enough energy. Also, a charging station for cellphone was at the disposal of the participants. A station hosted by Rogers ambassadors invited the participants to play with a Samsung tablets a snowboarding game. An observing station offering the best view of the competition was installed so that the participants can take full advantages of the event and make sure they live a unique experience. Finally, participants could follow all the action from the competition on the giant screen that was broadcasting the event live, presented by Rogers.

Ambassadors were deployed on the site for a glow stick, and touchscreen gloves distribution branded Rogers. Also, the ambassadors invited the participants to take pictures with Samsung cellphone and to post the photo on Instagram. Finally, they invited the people presented on site to use Samsung tablets to play a snowboarding game.